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Moving Tips in Leesburg, VA

We at Eastwind Movers want to ensure your move is done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Here are some standard tips and information that may apply to your move.

Planning and Preparation:

The more organized and ready you are for the move, the faster it will go. Clearly delineate between what goes and anything that may be staying or if there's more than one drop-off. Physical separation and colored labels are more effective than lists or diagrams.
Movers unloading boxes - Moving service in Leesburg, VA
All drawers, cabinets and shelves should be emptied and if we're moving the contents, packed in sealed, labeled boxes.Clothing only can be left in dresser drawers if it's not too heavy and is sturdy enough to support the extra weight.
We will gladly disassemble and reassemble beds and mirrors from dressers. Any of that that you wish to do would save you paying for our time to do it.
It's helpful to have boxes labeled on the top and at least one side as to their destination room and if they're fragile or need to be kept upright.
If anything needs special handling or preparation, please let us know about that ahead of time. If you wish for us to do any of your packing for you, make sure to let us know ahead of time so we make sure we have enough guys and materials and time for the extra work.

Your Costs:

We avoid hidden charges because our goal is not to trick you into paying for things you didn't know about, but to do a good job at a reasonable rate with no surprises so you'll come back as a repeat customer and refer us to your friends.

Additional charges that may be added are:

  • Any packing supplies you may need, the most common is stretch wrap that we'll use to keep cabinet doors closed, protect leather and fabric furniture as needed and to stabilize glass cabinets or loose/rickety furniture. The stretch wrap is $ 35 per roll and on moves where we use it, we generally use less than $ 10 - $ 20 worth. Less than 20% of our jobs have packing supply charges.
  • The other common extra charge is a heavy item charge for pianos & organs, armoires, ellipticals, marble topped dressers, heavy king sized mattresses(especially memory-foam), woodstoves, pool tables, safes, large old style (crt and projection) televisions, etc. This charge runs from $ 30 to several hundred dollars (for a large, heavy piano with lots of stairs), with the most common range around $ 35 - $ 60. Less than 10% of our customers incur a heavy item charge.
  • A mileage charge for moves that involve more than approximately 20 miles of driving. The charge is based on the miles traveled during your move, including back & forth to our closest base(Leesburg, Ashburn or Reston) at a rate of $ 0.50 / mile.
  • We provide 4 wardrobes, at no extra charge, for use during your move for your hanging clothes. Extra wardrobes are $ 5 per use if desired.
  • On some moves it's beneficial to have a 4th guy. Adding a mover adds $ 35 / hour to the hourly rate. Having the extra guy, though, helps the move go faster – taking less hours. Generally the cost comes out about the same (though I've never done a controlled experiment).
  • The majority of our customers have none of these charges.
At the end of the job we'll make sure everything is in place and reassembled to your satisfaction.
The final cost will be based on actual time, travel and materials. We will figure this after we're done with your move, and the final payment, less any deposit, will be due at that time.
Most moves are paid by personal check. VISA, MasterCard, American Express and cash are also accepted. For moves into storage, PODS or rental trucks, payment by VISA, MasterCard, American Express or cash is required (no personal checks).
If you have an additional questions or concerns, please contact our office at 703-777-7333